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Bare Root

Chestnut Ridge Nursery uses Nina L. Bassuk's Bare Root Method as one of our main production methods.  We dip our root systems in a hyrdogel slurry then immediately bag the tree to ready it for shipment, as outlined in the series of photos below.  The hydrogel slurry protects the root system from drying out during shipment.  Among the multitude of benefits of using this procedure, the Bare Root Method helps avoid planting trees too deep, allows more roots to sustain throughout the digging and shipping process, and is less expensive to plant trees.

Nina Bassuk received her B.S. in Horticulture from Cornell University in 1974 and her Ph.D. in Horticulture from the University of London in 1980. For detailed information regarding the benefits of The Bare Root Method, click here.

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