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About Us

Mary and George V. Schichtel

Chestnut Ridge Nursery, Inc. (CRNI) is a wholesale tree nursery established in 2013. Our inventory includes a variety of specimen trees, shrubs, and evergreens. We harvest plants balled and burlap (B&B) and bare root. For bare root orders, we encourage the Cornell University method of dipping the plants' roots in hydrogel slurry and bagging them. This process aides in retaining moisture on the root mass until planting.

The CRNI staff's goal is to educate, promote, and evolve a nursery based upon sustainability. Our connection to the past is strong. George V. Schichtel (founder of Schichtel's Nursery) has given us the foundation and knowledge to be successful in the nursery industry. We have the expertise, location, plants, industry relationships, and passion to continue the strong tradition.

**Photographed above are late George V. Schichtel and late wife Mary Schichtel. 

"I know two types of trees: Christmas trees and everything else!" -Mary Schichtel, 1927-2016


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